Career day at NCC

On Friday the 13th we had an event that the 8th grade class went to called career day. Career day is a day when 8th grade students have previously picked 3 fields of work to go and learn about. This event was held at NCC, a Community College in Sheldon, Iowa. There were different fields you could chose to learn about and each one was either taught by a  person that works at NCC or someone that they had come from a business, an example of that would be for television Broadcasting they had a Meteorologist from a TV station in Sioux City come.

The first rotation I went to learn about Armed Forces with 3 other people in my class. We were taught by Hiliana Suarey and George Mendoza  of the 185th Air Refuelling Wing out of Sioux City. Something I learned from them is that there are five Branches of the U.S Military: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. They told us that each branch has a different mission. We were told that if you were to join the army you aren’t supposed to get a tattoo until after you join the army because they will let you know what you can get, how big, and where. They also showed us a video of what they do, in which one of of their airborne tankers takes off and refills two f-16′s in the air. I like flying so that is a reason that I might be good at this. A reason I would not want to have this job is getting shot out of the sky. Out of all of the careers I learned about this would be the least likely one that I would chose.

The second rotation I went to Heavy Equipment operator where two people was teaching but I only had one there. He told us that to do this job you need to be very safety-oriented because you could be driving a truck with a very long machine on it at the age of 18. Some of the machines that you can use are bulldozer, dump truck, scrapers, and excavators. There are also some machines that are used for building different things like bridges, roads, buildings, and you can also be in demolition. For school purposes, he told us that the only math stuff we need to know is addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I am good at math and I would like to help build cool things which is something that could help me. Something that would affect me would be having to pay attention for a long time because I am not always able to do that, and out of  the careers this would probably be the second most likely one I would chose.

The last rotation I chose to learn was Manufacturing Technology taught by Brian Busch who teaches at NCC. He started off by telling us something that you have to do a lot in this field which is drafting, and drafting is when you take an idea and write it down on a piece of paper. There are different fields that they have for this like Aerospace,  Electrical, Structural, Architectural,  Mechanical, and Piping. He told us for school you could have a one to two year diploma from a community  college and you need to know Geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra. He said this is a Job in demand because since December he has had 60 Job applications on the board. Students could pick where they wanted to work with all the different opportunities. If I could pick a field of the career I would want to do Architectural because you make the floor plan for a house, then with a certain program it will build the house and you were able to walk through it. Something that would help me is that I like computers and I am good with them. A bad thing would be if I have trouble with the math because that could mess something up really bad, and out of the three this would probably be the most likely career that I would chose.

Last, before we left, we went and heard from a speaker name Chad Foster. A little background info on Chad is that he developed the rubber playground surface at McDonald’s. He is an author that wrote two best-selling books called, Teenagers Preparing for the Real World and Financial Literacy for Teens, and he made $452 as a professional Tennis Player. Anyway all in all he was a very motivational speaker and gave us lots of helpful information I really liked hearing about Armed Forces, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Manufacturing Technology. I am not sure, though, if I will do any of these jobs in my future.  I only wish that on that day I could have learned about more careers.

Genius Hour Scratch Project

Last week our teacher Mrs. Krebs let us have a Genius hour. Genius hour is when we get time to go do something genius and then blog about what we did.

What I did was I did a project on a program called scratch. The goal of my game was to  control a wizard with your mouse then have him hit different creatures. When the creatures were hit by the  wizard they were supposed to disappear then come back later after a short period of time. I ran into a setback when I couldn’t get the creatures to disappear but I fixed it and the game is working.

I am not sure yet if I will add anything like maybe some type of score or a timer that stops the game after a short time. I also took pictures of the game and some of the mechanics/commands.

This is a picture of the Game

this is a picture of what the creatures have to do

This is a picture of what the Wizard does


Skype with Kenneth C. Davis

On February 8th my class got the opportunity to Skype with Kenneth C. Davis a history author. We talked to him about presidents, presidential elections, and we asked him different questions. He told us about how the electoral college can sometimes decided who is the president like during the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

Some questions we asked were What his Favorite president was, his reply was Abraham Lincoln because he brought the country together during the civil war and he also liked the speeches that he gave. One of my questions was what he would do as presidents and he replied that he would try to bring the two parties (Democrat and Republican) and he would try to make schools fun so kids can have more fun learning.

My class listening to Mr. Davis

For those who don’t know who Mr. Davis is he is a History author who wrote many books like “Don’t Know Much About History” or “Don’t Know Much About the Presidents”.  He also has a website that you can visit right here. We all enjoyed his Knowledge and opinions on the many things about history and presidents


Mr. Davis Talking to my class


Barn Quilts


(Our partially finished 8th grade boys quilt and the blue lines are tape)

These past few weeks the Junior High have been making barn quilts for the Gala. The Gala is an auction and a supper and you can donate or make things to put on the auction that will benefit our school. The Junior High 7th and 8th grades split up each grade has a boy group and a girl group.

The wood we are using is three quarter inch green treated  plywood these are the steps we are doing.

1. Sand the plywood so it is smooth.

2. Pick a design that you will be following and decide what colors you will be using. We named ours the Navigator Star.

3.  You put wood primer on it so you will be able to put paint on it.

4. (Optional) put a black outline on the edge of the board this is something that is recommended.

5.  You decide what paints you will be using and get them ready.

6.  You put tape on the lines so you won’t be getting paint marks and paint globs on your blank pieces.

7. Then touch it up where ever you have white spots so you don’t have any parts that are left white.


Our team has been working together because we have been getting each other tools and we each have painted parts of it.

I can’t wait to finish this project it will look very good and it will be helping our school.




Here is our Finished product of the “Navigator Star”.

Blogging week

This week we had to write blog posts about different topics for each day of the week. We got the ideas from our teacher here is a link to her website so you can also do these fun things. You will also be able to learn more about things we are doing in Junior High.


Monday Mashup

Tuesday Listicle

Wordless Wednesday

Off-The-Cuff Thursday

Freelance Friday

Monday Mashup

Monday we were able to take a picture and we change it (Mashup) I used someone’s picture of a Mountain.

Credit to blmeirs2 for the original picture and click on the edited photo so you can go look at the original.

Novel Excerpt

Today is Freelance Friday so today we had to publish something that we already have written so I posted a Novel for my Excerpt for my Novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo.

As our trio walked out of class talking about how funny Mr. Hickley dropping the water jar was they decided to go there separate ways so they would be able to go have some more fun and learn a little bit more then what they already had. Talbot was rather excited about class today because they were going to get to learn how to levitate big things like animals and people but the teacher said he wouldn’t let the students levitate people because someone will probably die or have to go to the hospital wing again which had happened over one hundred times and the professor’s class and if your wondering what this professor’s name is no one knows because at the beginning of every year he tells the kids to call him Mr. professor. The only people who know his first name are his parents and all the other students think that there dead because whenever someone asks about them he always tells the class to be quiet and get back to work. There was one girl who was unfortunate enough to get the professor so mad that he snapped and cast sleeping spell on the girl she slept for six and a half weeks. For those reasons Talbot was thinking that his day was about to get a lot worse.


I hope you guys liked it this is the first time that I have ever wrote a Novel it was a very interesting experience.


This week we have had to blog about certain themes for each day today is Off-the-Cuff Thursday where we can blog about what ever is on my mind. Today I decided I was going to write about a game called Minecraft.

Minecraft would be considered a sandbox game where you are dropped into a world made of blocks. Your first day you have to harvest as many resources as you can usually dirt, wood, and coal so you can create a shelter before night. At night there are monsters that spawn in the dark the monsters are spiders, zombies, skeletal archers, enderman, and creepers that explode. You also can go underground and mine for better resources like iron to upgrade your tools and you can create many different things for example you can make a floating house, you can make houses underwater if you are creative enough and willing to put in enough time and effort.

The game has three different game modes there is Hardcore which automatically is set to the hardest difficulty and you have one life when you die you lose, the second game mode is Survival where you can set the difficulty to whatever you want to do, and you have unlimited lives but still whenever you die all your inventory gets thrown on the ground and sometimes it falls in lava, and the third an final game mode is Creative mode where you are invincible, you can fly around in the world, and you can also select any item to place in the game.

For me the ultimate goal is to get diamond and obsidian so I can make Diamond tools for very good efficiency and get obsidian so I can go to the nether world defeat pig zombies and explore “the world beyond”. In my opinion it is a very good game and it can keep you busy for a very long time.

This game was created by one man named Notch. It is a game that has many fans in my opinion me being one of them so far over 19,450,300 people have registered and over 4,561,900 people have bought the game. That number is on the rise even as I write this post.


I will leave a link to the website so you can also explore for  yourselves and maybe register.




Five things that I like

Five things that I like I really like a lot of things but I decided that I would just narrow it down to five things so I didn’t make some big long list that just dragged on and on.



I like candy a lot but my favorite would be skittles because they are very small and easy to eat and they have a fruity tastes to them which

makes them very flavorful.





Cheetos are one of my favorite chips because they are very cheesy and I really like that they are crunchy because you have two good things

combined to make a really good chip.



I like milk not just because it is healthy and good for you but because it tastes pretty good and it can go with lots of other good snacks or deserts so it is the perfect companion

to make good things better.



I like computers because you learn about things in the news on the internet, you can watch videos, and it can make things

a lot easier to accomplish.




Chocolate is something that many people like but I like it because of the sweetness of it and how it can really satisfy your

taste buds and it also can add more flavor to other foods.

I like these things because these are some of my favorite things and I like them a lot.