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In History yesterday we all got a small story about a famous person. We were put in groups of the people who had the same things as us my group had Buffalo Bill. There was a lot of information about him. He was born in 1846 and when he was eight years old he and his dad moved to Kansas.  When he was 10 years old he witnessed his father being stabbed during an argument with a drunk his father later died because of the wounds.

When he was 11 years old he drove cattle so he could get money for his family they were ambushed by Indians and when him and other men were retreating down the river an Indian attacked and Buffalo killed his first Indian.  When got older he worked for the Kansas Pacific Railroad as a Buffalo Hunter it was reported that Buffalo killed over 4,000 buffalo in a period of 18 months.

Billy Comstock said that he was the real Buffalo Bill and challenged the Buffalo Bill to a shoot off, whoever shot the most buffalo would be declared the real Buffalo Bill, Comstock killed 46 buffalo and Buffalo Bill killed 69 no one ever challenged Buffalo again.

Later one of his friends got him into the show business and he joined Annie Oakley and Chief Sitting Bull at Madison Square Garden.  He also preformed in London and several times by the queens request. He had a very successful life in show business but his health worsened and he was forced to quit he then died peacefully in his own home on January 10, 1947. Buffalo Bill is a very interesting Iowan and one of my Favorite Iowans because of his amazing stories and all the things that happened in his life.
W.F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

credit to George Eastman House

I read the story of  Buffalo Bill in Tell a Tale of Iowa by Don Doyle Brown.

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