Barn Quilts


(Our partially finished 8th grade boys quilt and the blue lines are tape)

These past few weeks the Junior High have been making barn quilts for the Gala. The Gala is an auction and a supper and you can donate or make things to put on the auction that will benefit our school. The Junior High 7th and 8th grades split up each grade has a boy group and a girl group.

The wood we are using is three quarter inch green treated  plywood these are the steps we are doing.

1. Sand the plywood so it is smooth.

2. Pick a design that you will be following and decide what colors you will be using. We named ours the Navigator Star.

3.  You put wood primer on it so you will be able to put paint on it.

4. (Optional) put a black outline on the edge of the board this is something that is recommended.

5.  You decide what paints you will be using and get them ready.

6.  You put tape on the lines so you won’t be getting paint marks and paint globs on your blank pieces.

7. Then touch it up where ever you have white spots so you don’t have any parts that are left white.


Our team has been working together because we have been getting each other tools and we each have painted parts of it.

I can’t wait to finish this project it will look very good and it will be helping our school.




Here is our Finished product of the “Navigator Star”.